Ergohead Standing Desk Mat – Not-Flat Anti Fatigue Mat For Stand Up Desk, Ergonomically Engineered, Black

Product Features

  • ✔ MASSAGING & ENGAGEMENT: 2 massage area for blood circulation and muscle engagement.3 massage mounds further drives movement and ankle range motion
  • ✔ LARGE SPACE FOR MOVEMENT: This standing mat feature 26"x28" size which provides you large space for standing and encourage movement
  • ✔ QUALITY & CONVENIENTLY: Made from 100% Polyurethane Foam with a durable integral pebbled skin. Easy hands-free edge position allows you to slide the mat conveniently
  • ✔ ENERGIZED AND PRODUCTIVE: This patent pending standing desk mat supports over TEN different standing positions, make you feel more energized & productive
  • ✔  ENJOY A HEALTHY BENEFITS: Calculated terrain features drive you to move more, which means healthier standing at your standing desk
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Product Description

Enjoy The Multiple Benefits Of Standing Using This Patent-Pending, Ergonomically Designed Standing Desk Mat By Ergohead – Starting Today!

Are you working in a job that requires standing up a lot?

Or are you working in front of a PC for multiple hours and never standing up?

Either way, you should really keep reading, because Ergohead has just the thing you need!

Welcome The New, Extremely Spacious & Ergonomic Standing Mat Into Your Life!

A standing mat is not an exclusive need of people working in standing desks; people that have to work endless hours sitting could use an inspiration to stand up and work their legs a bit as well!

Protect Your Health & Your Body From The Risks Of A Desk Job

According the science search increasingly shows, the true benefit of standing over sitting is increased movement. With Ergohead ergonomic anti-fatigue comfort mat, you’ll never end up standing relatively still for hours, fatigued and stiff.

6 + 1 Reasons Why Ergohead Anti-Fatigue Mat Is Your Best Choice!

➤ Made from durable, environmental-friendly 100% high resilience polyurethane foam
➤ Comfort massage points for blood circulation and muscle engagement
➤ Extremely large standing space encourage more movement
➤ Supports over TEN different standing positions, keep you moving and energized
➤ Hamstring and calf stretch made easy, using the mat’s both directions
➤ Easy hands-free edge position allows you to slide the mat more conveniently

➤ Covered by 100% money back guarantee!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Place Your Order Now And Get Your Own Premium Quality Patent-Pending Standing Desk Mat By Ergohead – Before Our Stock Runs Out!

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